Tablecloth ART OF EATING OBRUS / HAPPY LAVENDER - KOPI - Natalia Kopiszka
Szukaj Koszyk


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Linen tablecloth from BITE in happy lavender with chestnut embroidery.

On its own, it is a picture, during a feast it is the background for what one sits down to: conversations, eating, celebrations. It stimulates the imagination to wander between eating, talking, and looking for answers to what the art of eating is.

Ultimately, or perhaps firstly, he celebrates these moments together with you.

How to choose a tablecloth for the table? According to the classic school, the overhang of the tablecloth should be at least 20 cm on each side of the table.

In our opinion, a larger overhang looks better. How to care for linen?

You can wash it in the washing machine on a manual program, but without spinning.

Use only natural washing liquids – chemicals wash out the natural oils that linen has in it.

design: BITE

dimensions: 220cm x 135cm

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