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Szukaj Koszyk

Spiky Cocktail Glass – Transparent

600,00 PLN

Cocktail glass design by Glass Studio. Bowl and base carved with spikes.

Made of sodium glass in Poland.

The glass is carved by hand by Aleksandra Zawistowska and her team of craftsmen.

Wash by hand. Do not pour hot water, and do not use in a microwave or oven.

Height: 20 cm

The sculpture may contain remnants of sand, stones, wood used for shaping. Sculpture may contain air bubbles, sharp edges, and scorch marks resulting from the experimental creation process.

The sculpture may contain delicate smudges of pigment, scratches or marks from tools used in the foundry.

The sculptures forming the series differ in shape, while maintaining the same design assumptions.

* Handle it gently.
* To avoid damage in transit, we pack the glass very carefully and carefully. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to check the package upon receipt.

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