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kadzidła naturalne / kadzidłowiec + lawdenda

103,20 PLN

Natural incense, handmade by AUURA especially for KOPI HOME

Incense is made of powdered plant materials and / or feed. They do not contain any additional ingredients, oils, fragrance essences or a stick!

The fragrance is a combination of soothing lavender and incense.

Incense and lavender calms and soothes. Their smell eliminates stress and nervous tension.

The package contains 10 handmade, natural incense. The burning time is about 30-40 minutes

The AUURA brand attaches great importance to quality, which is why it cooperates with proven, responsible suppliers. It selects raw materials sourced in an ethical manner that does not disturb the natural environment of these plants. The packages are made of ecological paper.

The created fragrance is available only in KOPI HOME :)


Set the incense on fire and wait for a while for it to burn, then put out the flame. Place the glowing incense in the KOPI HOME holder. You can extinguish the incense at any time and light it again whenever you want.

* do not leave burning incense unattended!
* keep out of the reach of children and animals
* the smell may vary slightly depending on the batch

Produced in Poland

Packaging designed by Ola Niepsuj

In stock

Delivery for within Poland is 3 – 4 business days and orders outside of Poland take 5 – 14 days.

Free shipping in Poland only for orders 400PLN or more.

Payment methods accepted bank transfer or payment card / credit / PayU / Paypal


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